Sunday, December 6, 2009

casino arcades classic corner

the casino arcade is at the santa cruz boardwalk in santa cruz CA. It has tones of modern & pinball games. But they also have my personal favorite classics! although some may be in poor playing condition like the donkey kong joystick is loose,frogger has no sound,one of the buttons on battlezone does not work.heres some pictures below.(note: the arcade im talking about does not offer gambling)

heres some outside the casino arcade classic corner

marball madness,galaxian,burgertime,arkanoid(converted kangaroo)

asteroids(high score),pole posetion 2,& pac man

atari football

stargate,space invaders(also had problems last time I came here),robotron 2084

asteroids delux(high score),tempast,space duel,star wars(last time I came here the game got stuck on level 1)

heres battlezone,donkeykong,& ms pac man

the sign for the classic corner

enterence to the section

the front of the classic corner with gorf,multicade,track & field,Qbert,tetris,& volley

the front of the casino arcade

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