Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hotel Burgess in Reedly CA

Right now I am going to tell you guys about Hotel Burgess in Reedly CA.In 1912 Harry F. Winnes opened this hotel on G street & on the first floor of the hotel he used it as a merchendise store & the second floor was fernished & oparated as a rooming house under the name Hotel Winnes. Over the years the first floor contained many other buissneses such as a furniture store,skating rink,bank,jewerly shop & a flower shop. In the early 1970s Myrtle Burgess aquired the building & changed the name to Hotel Burgess. In 2003 Michael became a proud owner of HB. Ok then here is my review for the hotel.I give the hotel a 4 out of 5 stars because the antiques & rooms were cool. It was interesting to see Direct TV in a hotel but there was one thing i did'nt like about hotel burgess. It was the service in the cafe because there was only one person working in there.Ok this concludes this blog post now to see the pics below (theres more on flickr). As of 2013, the hotel has been closed.

The hallway on the second floor.

The lobby in the hotel.

Memorial plaque for these korean patriots.

& The front of the hotel.

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