Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just moved to Bakersfield

Welcome Back! and today I am going to blog about my new life in Bakersfield CA. So far Bakersfield is an ok place to live, but it in the boring ol' central valley! But at lease its closer to the Los Angeles area. All my life I have been living in diffrent places such as: Virginia Beach VA, Hanford CA, Santa Cruz CA, Coalinga CA, etc. and I'd say that Virginia Beach was my favorite placce to live because it was big, beaches were close by, lots to do, and bordered by the Outer Banks of NC (well sort of). Here in Bakersfield, it is just like Hanford and Fresno, but there are oil fields, no waterparks, and the radio stations suck! I mean come on? 106.1 KRAB radio was suppost to be a rock station, but instead it just plays songs that are just whiney bull crap most of the time! although I just looked up a few other radio station that play classic and alternative rock, i just might check those out later. I will be spending my life in bakersfield for a couple of years and hopfully its better than Coalinga and Hanford.