Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Own South Park

Since I may never do a post about the OBX Show ever again, I will post things I made on my computer. This is my own South Park I call "Virginia Beach". I made about like over 50 characters in this photo and one of them is actually me and I am located in the lower left of the Virginia Beach South Park styled logo and above the guy with the Superman shirt. Now most of these characters arent really suppost to be based on the people I knew from Virginia Beach and yet most of them don't even have names and the only person that resembles a real person is me (though, my face doesent really have a scar on it or have a bleeding spot on it in real life and I actually wear glasses, not an eyepatch and I rarely wear hats in real life). I plan to post comics on my blog using the South Park version of myself and some of these characters. Well thats it for today and click these links below to make your own south park characters and check out the real Virginia Beach:,_Virginia

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