Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Virginia Beach Comic Three: From Campout to Crapout

This is the third comic of my fictional satire/South Park styled series, Virginia Beach. This comic confirms the names of the following characters: Jamie, Michael and Scott. The guest stars are Smokey the Bear, VBPD and some sasquatch that calls himself Chewbacca. Heres the script below
(first scene shows the sign to the KOA of Virginia Beach and the next scene shows Jamie, Joeseph, Lendy and Michael smoking pot while Dylan just stands there)
Scott: MMM Smells Like a BBQ
(then a cop shows up with Smokey the Bear)
Cop: Alright move it no eyes! Now where did you guys get the pot?!
Michael: You can't push blind people man, they're one of mother earths creatures!
Jamie: Yeah protect the enviroment ****!
Lendy: Hi Teddy Bear
Cop: Hey wait a minute are you Dylan Czoschke and the Democratic Party of Virginia Beach?
Smokey the Bear: What are you guys doing at KOA? You're not going to start a fire are ya?
Dylan: Were just camping ok and that pot is just medical marijuana, no big deal
Cop: Ok fair enough, you guys have a good night
Sasquatach: Wait a minute officer, oh by the way my name is Chewy, but call me Chewbacca if you want and yes I am a sasquatch and also I saw these guys illegally downloading movies onto fake DVDs
Dylan; Aw Crap!
Cop: Oh, ok yeah you guys are going to jail
Joeseph/Jamie/Michael: AWW!
* Just because the character are going to jail doesent mean this is the series finale, i plan to do a fifth one and I will be ranting on the following movies in this one: The Amazing Spider-Man, Rock of Ages and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, so stay tuned!
* The KOA sign picture was taken from Google Earth Street View while the campsite picture came from some website on the internet
* I don't smoke pot in real life, in fact I was the only one in the Democratic Party of Virginia Beach group not smoking pot as you can see in the comic
* Yes I do support Democrats
* The sasquatch has two Star Wars references with his apperance: His hair looks like Luke Skywalker's hairdo and he told the cop that he can call him Chewbacca if he wants.
* The band logos on Dylan's hat are Greatful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, The Doors and Led Zeppelin

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