Sunday, June 3, 2012

Virginia Beach Comic Two: Please Confirm

This is the second episode of my Virginia Beach series. This one finally confirms four of the over 50 characters I made and their names are: Lendy, Diana, Joeseph and Buzz. Again these characters are not based on people I know now or knew before. Now here is the script to the new comic.
Announcer: This was filmed on location in a dumpy, but awsome hotel between Chesapeake Bay and Shore Dr.
(The next seen shows Me, Lendy and Diana sitting in the jacuzzi listening to FM 99, eating Papa Johns Pizza and drinking Surge, and suddenly Stan, Kenny, Craig and Butters show up with an unsigned contract.
Stan: Uh hey are you the govenor of the City of Virginia Beach? Dylan: Yeah, What the hell do you want?
Stan: We need you to confirm the license agreement to use South Park styled characters
Dylan: Oh **** I forgot! Oh uh Lendy do you have a pen?
Lendy: Yeah here you go
Dylan: There I signed it, sorry about that
Stan: No problem dude
(after Dylan gave the contract back to Stan, the boys head home, but Wendy and Bebe wondered off)
Cartman: Ok now we got that douchebag to sign that contract, now we can leave this Liberal infested city! Kyle: Ok now so, where are the girls fata**?
(Wendy and Bebe were seen at the indoor pool inside the hotel with Dylan, Lendy and Diana)
* I Actually stayed at this hotel shown in this comic once
* Surge is a discontinud soda brand from The Coca-Cola Company
* FM 99 is a rock station in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, go to this link if you want to listen live:
* Buzz and Joeseph are seen in the pool, but they do not speak in this comic
* Diana, Kenny, Craig, Butters, Bebe and Wendy dont speak either
* An original Game Boy can be seen right by that phone and set of poker cards
* I'm not actually the govenor of Virginia Beach, Will Sessoms is the mayor of Virginia beach.
* These skyviews came from Google Earth and the pictures of the Hotel's exterior, jacuzzi and pool were from the internet.
* Virginia Beach is actually more of a conservative city than a liberal one, proof: More than half of the people living there voted for McCain and Romney.

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