Thursday, July 19, 2012

Virginia Beach Comic Five: Screw You Viacom

This is the fifth Virginia Beach comic by far. I parody the Directv/Viacom dispute in this one.
Here is the dialog to this comic:
(at Cox Cable on Lynhaven Parkway in Virginia Beach)
Louie: Hi and welcome to Cox Cable how can I help you?
Lendy: EEW! Did he just say...?
Dylan: No Lendy, he did not say the "C" word, and also were here because 3 of my friends and I have Directv and they are upset because they took out some of their favorite channels and they can't wait any longer for the channels to come back
Joeseph: and we want cable now, because were missing Comedy Central ******!
Louie: Ok! Ok! I will get Kirk over here to explain how to get cable TV, just because I work for Cox Communications doesnt mean that I know how to put cable on TV I still have analog because I'm poor
Dylan: um are you Kirk?
Kirk: Yes I am how the hell can I help you guys?
Tyler: Were here because Directv took out all the Viacom channels away from us! and we want Cox now!
Kirk: HAHAHA! You twerps think Directv did it on purpose? Viacom did this bull **** for no reason and just look at Mindy, she misses Teenick, VH1 and Nicktoons so much!
Mindy: What?! I barely even watch Viacom channels, you can tell by my shirt!
Kirk: Don't listen to her she's crazy, now who wants cable?
Joeseph: I'll wait for the Viacom channels to go back on thank you very much
Tyler: Yeah same here
Dylan: I've been a costomer for both Cox and Directv since the 1990's and I won't leave either of them, you guys and Directv never dissapoint me
Lendy: Well so long Bart Simpson lookalike
Dylan: Alright so we will all stick with Directv, oh uh Rob theres no need to do that so why dont you go litter something, or hack a computer, or drink and drive instead ok
Rob: Oh ok...Viacom were the ones who took off the channels from Directv arent they?
Joeseph: They sure did gangsta
* This is the first appearance of Louie, Kirk, Mindy and Rob
* In real life, I had Cox Cable when I lived in Virginia for the second time of my life 2003-2007 and I'm currently living in California and I have had Directv since 2007
* Viacom forced Directv to suspend all their channels (Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, etc.) because they wanted more money, you can learn more here:

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