Monday, July 30, 2012

Virginia Beach Comic Seven: Virginia Akwardium

This is the seventh Virginia Beach comic. This one takes place at the Virginia Aquarium (formerly called Virginia Marine Science Museum). This is also the first appearance of Baily and General Gakas (it is pronounced jack***). Also in this comic, Frank ditches work and randomly shouts awkward in about every scene in this comic. Here is the dialog to the comic below:
Baily: Hi and welcome to the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center, would you like me to be your tour guide today?
Dylan: Hey wait a minute? Don't people just walk around in these places by themselves?
Baily: Oh I was just offering, I don't have to come with you guys if you don't want too, but remember to come to me for help or anything
Frank: Awkward!
Dylan: and thats what I thought, come on guys lets get the hell out of here
Tyler: Oh geez Manson! Why are they using you as bait?!
Manson: Think again you afro-looking idiot! I'm trying to get into my watery grave here!
Frank: Awkward!
Manson: Back off you spikey fart-knocker!
(inside the aquarium)
Lendy: (gasp) Look Dil! I found Nemo! I found Nemo! And looks like he's sleeping upside down
Dylan: That's because that clownfish is dead, face it these guys don't take care of these sea creatures very well, I just found a tank with BP oil, a rotten pineapple, a dirty worn out sponge...
Frank: Awkward!
Dylan: Now hold up! You didnt let me finish you big red idiot! I also saw a tank with three frogs drinking beer and they are saying Bud-Wise-Er and it's not even normal, it's copyright infrengement
(at the cruise the lake area)
Buzz: Hey general, i'm here to sign up for the military and i'm gonna kick some *** for this country!
General Gakas: To sign up for the military, go to Naval Air Station Oceania you moron!
Buzz: Sir Yes Sir!
Joeseph: ha! ha! ha!
Frank: Awkward!
(at the IMAX Theater)
Frank: An aquarium with a movie theater? Awkward!
Julie: There you are Frank! Why the hell are you ditching work when our big brother Wilbur needs help and of course aquariums have theaters, they are called IMAX Theaters you retard! Now lets get the hell out of here and get back to work!
(at Hardee's, which is being burned down)
Wilbur: (cough) (cough) aw man (cough) I am so (cough) getting fired for this (cough)
* Virginia Aquarium is an actual aquarium located near the oceanfront in Virginia Beach, VA
* If you look closely to Frank's shirt, it has a picture of Uncle Sam and below the picture it says Pull My Finger
* Naval Air Station Oceania is one of the three military bases in the Hampton Roads area
* There are numerous pop culture references in this one, like when Lendy said "I Found Nemo! I Found Nemo" is referencing to the Disney/Pixar film Finding Nemo, the pineapple and the dirty worn out sponge is refrencing to Spongebob Squarepants and I am also ranting Spongebob in this one because since when the movie came out in 2004, that show started to suck and the frogs drinking beer and saying Bud-Wise-Er is a reference to this Budwiser Super Bowl ad from 1995:
* The whole thing about me saying "face it these guys don't take care of these sea creatures very well" was just a joke, I'm very sure that the folks at the Virginia Aquarium take very good care of the animals there

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