Monday, July 2, 2012

Virginia Beach Comic Four: Let's All Go To The Lobby

This is the fourth comic of the fictional satire adventures of Virginia Beach. This comic confirms the name of this red-head character: Angel. This comic also features Spider-Man, Def Leppard and Abraham Lincoln as this comic rants on the new Spider-Man movie, Rock of Ages and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Here is the script to the comic below:
Dylan: Ok since me, Lendy, Joeseph, Jamie and Michael were bailed out of jail by Tyler, Diana, Angel and Buzz. I thought we treat ourselves with a dinner and a movie
(at the box office)
Dylan: Hello, give us two tickets for Ted, three for Prometheus, one for Thats My Boy, two for Men and Black 3 and two for The Avengers
Spider-Man: Oh god finally somebody that didn't buy tickets to see my crappy new movie!
Vivian Campbell: Um sorry to bother you, but did you guys buy tickets to see Rock of Ages? Because Joe Elliot has been angry that this musical turned our music, Poison's music, Night Ranger's music, Van Halen's music and other artists music into whinny bull crap
Dylan: No, I got tickets to some other movie Def Leppard
Joe Elliot: Well good! Because you don't want to make me angry!
Rick Savage: Ok I think its time to go
Joeseph: Damn are you going to kick him in the shins bro?
Angel: Really? That is so **** evil!
Dylan: Just leave him alone Angel
(in the theater)
Dylan: Finally, we got the theater to ourselves my sexy and beautiful ladies
Diana: Oh you little devil
Lendy: I love you too!
Buzz: Hey Dylan, get a room for those chicks and you 'er trying to watch der film!
Abraham Licoln: Hey I just came from the dead and starred in that new movie about me, which is so inacurate that I'm hidding in this theater
Diana: AHH! Vampire Hunter
Lendy: AHH! Zombie!
Abraham Lincoln: I say govenor Dylan, why did your girlfriends ran off like that and called me a zombie and a vampire hunter?
Dylan: Look Abe, Lendy and Diana are special mmkay
Buzz: Ok thats it! I'm not waiting for my nachos any longer! I'll just go to the lobby and buy myself a treat and a beer
Cartman: Hi i'm Eirc Cartman, you know that stupid half hippie half redneck named Dylan told me that what Buzz said at the ending was the point of the episodes title
* The theater that this comic takes place in is at a movie theater called Cinema Cafe, its basicly half a restaurant and half a movie theater, heres the official website for more information:
* This is the second time Eric Cartman has appeared in one of my Virginia Beach comics
* Tyler, Jamie and Michael do not speak in this comic
* I'm still a fan of Spider-Man, but I didn't see why they had to reboot the films after Spider-Man 3 (2007), and I'm still a fan of Def leppard and the rest of the 1980's hair metal bands, but I hate musicals!
* Me saying mmkay is a reference to Mr. Mackey on South Park.

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