Monday, July 23, 2012

Virginia Beach Comic Six: Hackin' and Robbin'

This is the sixth comic of the Virginia Beach series, this one was originaly called Bank Error's because everyones bank account gets hacked in this one, I changed it because I thought it was a stupid title for this one. This is also the first appearence of Buck Fleaur, Malcom, Rorion and Kali. Here is the dialog to the comic below
(at a BB&T branch in Virginia Beach VA, and everybody is standing in line or coming in)
Dylan: Hi and i'm the govenor of Virginia Beach and I am depositing $400 dollars into three of my friends bank accounts
Lendy: Yay! That way I can afford to start modeling in my bikini
Kali: I'm sorry mr. govenor, I hate to say this but sombody hacked all 437, 994 bank accounts in the city of Virginia Beach at midnight
Dylan: What?! How did this **** happen?!
Lendy: (gasp) Does this mean I can't afford modeling, a year supply of massage oil, an iPod, an Volkswagon, high heels and marijuana?
Rorion: God ******! Now I can't go to a UFC Tourament!
Nissan: Great now Raisins of Virginia Beach is going to close!
Joeseph: Now I can't skate at Mt. Trashmore Park?!
Tyler: Fix this crap govenor Czoschke!
Buck Fleaur: And now I can't perform with my band at Farm Bureau!
Manson: Ugh! Did any of you dumb conformist read The Virginian-Pilot today? because the bank account hacker was...
Rob: Me, Rob Littlecreek! I am now breaking into the homes of character that were introduced so far and yes they live here at the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel and I'm stealing their stuff, their money and their lives *******!
(Four Weeks Later...)
Dylan: Ok its been a month without that ***munch named Rob hacking peoples bank accounts, stealing peoples stuff and doing the nasty in public. Now thanks to the U.S. Government, we got $10,000,000 dollars for everyone that lives here!
Nissan: and to see me without a shirt on and Lendy rubbing oil on her body, please pay $400!
Buck Fleaur: And to listen to the rest of this song i'm playing please pay $600 dollars for a ticket to see me and my band at the Farm Bureau, Good night everybody!
* Buck Fleaur's name is a combination of other artist names such as Buck Cherry, Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist) and Blur
* The Virginian-Pilot is a local newspaper in the Hampton Roads area
* Mindy and Malcom do not speak in this one
* Farm Bureau (formerly called Virginia Beach Amphitheater, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater and GTE Virginia Beach Amphitheater) is an amphitheater in Virginia Beach, VA.
* Mt. Trashmore Park is a public park in Virginia Beach
* 437, 994 is the population of Virginia Beach, however not everyone in Virginia Beach have BB&T bank accounts and I didnt even have a credit card when I lived in Virginia (plus you dont need to know about my banking).

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