Saturday, August 25, 2012

Virginia Beach Comic Eight: Funny Bonehead's

This is the eighth installment of the Virginia Beach series. It is set in the Funny Bone Comedy Club in the Town Center of Virginia Beach. This is the first appearance of Izz, Lou, Samual (Stupidman) and Pungo and this is the first comic where I don't speak, i just laugh and boo at the jokes. Some of the jokes are references to current events and pop culture because I was using Yahoo! for ideas. Here is the script below:
Announcer: Ok folks, please welcome these untalented comedians known as the Funny Boneheads... Izz, Lou, Malcom in the Middle and Stupidman
Izz: Do you know that the city of Fresno is the drunkest city in the world and Bakersfield is one of the dirtiest cities of the world and the actual names of those cities are Queezo and Crapperfield
(Pungo taps the drums and Dylan, Lendy, Joeseph, Tyler, Michael and Jamie laugh)
Lou: So whats so secretive about Britney Spears bikini picture from four years ago? she has been a **** since she became popular
(Pungo taps the drums and Dylan, Lendy, Joeseph, Tyler, Michael and Jamie laugh, again)
Jamie: Yeah you go girl!
Samual: Hello America, I'm just a stupid, facist, conservative knucklehead that supports Mitt the Twit
(Pungo taps the drums and Dylan, Lendy, Joeseph, Tyler, Michael and Jamie laugh, again)
Michael: Thats right, Romney is a piece of ****!
Malcom: A teenager sues Burger King, what is she a vegetarean?
(everyone is quiet, except for the person who was coughing) Malcom: Ok, then woo wee these people stink, they don't even laugh a my jokes and these must be the real boneheads!
(everyone boo's at Malcom for his offensive and tasteless jokes)
Joeseph: Hey dude your jokes arent cool
Izz: Get off the stage you mutha *****!
Lou: Yeah beat it loser!
Samual: You are worse than Hitler and Bin Laden combined!
Malcom: But this is my debut... uh... Pungo you know what i'm talking about right?
Pungo: "Hey Hey Hey" Mon i'm just here to play music what the hell is the matter with you?
* Fresno and Bakersfield are cities in the central valley of California
* Malcom being called "Malcome in the Middle" is a reference to the television sitcom with the same name
* If you look closely on Izz's shirt, a rarely used Guns N' Roses logo can be seen on it
* Spears was actualy trying to passing off old bikini pictures (sorry if I offended any fans)
* Mitt the Twit is just a nickname I gave him (sorry if I offended any supporters)
* Just because a person is sueing Burger King, KFC, McDonalds, Chick-fil-a or any other fast food joint doesent mean they're vegetarean
* Here are the stories about what the teenager sues Burger King is really about: