Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Virginia Beach Comic Twelve: You'll Crashmore if you Skate at Mount Trashmore

Ok this is going to be the season finale of the fictional adventures of Virginia Beach comics I made, so there probally wont be another one for a while and I need a break from this series (and I currently don't know when I'll be making them again). This comic introduces two other characters as well which are Ralph and Toby. Here is the dialog of the comic below.
Dylan: Hello dudes and chicks, please be aware that this is the season finale of Virginia Beach and I will not be seen in the rest of this comic so please enjoy reading having Joeseph as the main character instead mmkay
Lendy: Yeah regarding what he just said, I can't be in this one either because some irresponsible parents hired me to babysit this little brat and I am... hey why the heck are you taking my Doublemint Gum and my phone you little turd!
Ralph: Hey guys, I'll give you my new Offspring album, my Nintendo DS and $200 if you go ride through all the ramps without falling or crashing
Toby: Hey Joeseph you should try it man
Joeseph: Sure I'll give it a shot
(Joeseph starts to ride on his skateboard)
Joeseph: Cowabunga!
Ralph: Hey the Ninja Turtles are more important to me than you!
Joeseph: Ouch, dang it that hurt!
Ralph: Whoa sorry man, you dont get to have my CD, DS or my money after all
Toby: You OK dude?
Scott: Woo Hoo! I may be blind, but I can skate without crashing
* The comics title is just what I made for fun, because if you do skate at Mount Trashmore and you are a really good skater, thats cool
* The characters in the Virginia Beach series were made from http://www.sp-studio.de/, but this time this little kid that Lendy was babysitting was made from http://www.southparkstudios.com/avatar, but be aware that the characters from my Virginia Beach comics are not suppost to be fourth graders, they are much older than that.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Virginia Beach Comic Eleven: The Aaarrcade is Mine!

This is the eleventh comic in the fictional adventures of Virginia Beach. This time Dylan gets mad that some guy dressed up as a pirate trying to have nobody play pinball, classic arcade games and skeeball and they face a challenge by whoever get the highest score in Tron wins the proper rights for gaming. Here is the dialog below:
Scott: This is where I lost my eyesight
Pirate Guy: Hey none of you better not play any classic arcade games, pinball or skeeball because those are my games matey!
Dylan: Hey man we came here to have fun so chill you douchebag pirate!
Lendy: Oh I love Ms. Pac-Man! Wakka! Wakka! Wakka!
Tyler: Hell yeah pinball! and they have a South Park one!
Joeseph: Top Skater! It may not be as radical as real skateboarding, but I'm playng it!
Pirate Guy: Hey what are you guys doing?! Those are my games! Stop playng them!
Dylan: They are not your games! They are for everyone to play!
Pirate Guy: Alright matey If you want the games to be for everyone, then which one of us gets the highest score on Tron wins the battle, deal?
Dylan: Its a deal
(after the game)
Dylan: Heck yeah! I beat your score! In your face pirate!
Pirate Guy: Aargh! Fine! The games are for everyone to play, I knew I should have taken over Captain Georges Seafood Restaurant instead of this arcade
* The pirate in this comic is not named Flipper McCoy, its just an unamed character I came up with.
* Most of the pictures used in this comics came from a website, while the last scene is from a YouTube video.
* In reality, I suck at Tron, I played the arcade version and Xbox Live versions and I am not very good at them.
* Captain Georges is a real seafood restaurant in Virginia Beach: http://www.captaingeorges.com/

Friday, September 7, 2012

Virginia Beach Comic Ten: You Trader!

This is the tenth comic for the ongoing Virginia beach series. This time Dylan goes to Target and tries to exchange a blu-ray movie for a DVD movie, but ends up in an argument with ex-Cox Cable employee, Kirk. This is also the first apearance of Kay (the girl who was trying to help Dylan first.) Heres the dialog below.
(Dylan goes to customer service inside Target)
Kay: Hi and welcome to Target how may I help you?
Dylan: Yeah I'm here because I was suppost to get the DVD copy of South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut online, but instead I got the Blu-Ray copy and I don't have a Blu-Ray player.
Kay: ok i'll just see if we have...
Kirk: Hey I know this guy, now move it girly i'm going to help this person out!
Kay: God ******! Really Kirk?! God I knew I should have took the job at the Super Kmart across the street!
Dylan: oh nice going Kirk the Jerk! And also can I please exchange this for the DVD version?
Kirk: No way Jose
Dylan: What the hell do you mean by no way jose? I am a paying customer and I demand an exchange for this item!
Kirk: because the DVD version is only available online, you can't get it here dumb***!
Dylan: Thats where I was suppost to get the DVD from! You know what screw this! I'm going to the Super Kmart across the street and buy myself a Blu-Ray player and some Little Caesars Crazy Bread and a ICEE, I mean seriously, no wonder Cox Cable fired you!
Kirk: I know am I awsome or what?
* In the previous comic "Local TV is Just as Stupid as Reality TV", Mindy told Kirk that if he didnt help the customers out, he would be fired from Cox Cable and apparently he has been fired from Cox and now he is working at Target.
* There really is a Super Kmart across from this Target shown in this comic, and that Super Kmart is the last remaining Super Kmart store in the entire state of Virginia. In 2013, that Super Kmart is now just a regular Kmart store.
* I don't really have a Blu-Ray player, just a DVD player and a VHS player I bought from Goodwill (which broke).
* You can only get the DVD version of South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut online these days, because if you try going to Target, Best Buy or any other store, you may only find it on Blu-Ray.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Virginia Beach Comic Nine: Local TV is Just As Stupid As Reality TV‏

This is the ninth comic for Virginia Beach series. This comic will poke fun at local TV stations. This is also the first appearance of Courtney and April. Here is the dialog to this comic below:
Dylan: Hello Guys and Chicks, How the hell are you doing? Tonights episode we will be ranting on local television because of its crappy quality, news stories and commercials. Lets watch shall we
WAVY TV Announcer: Your watching Virginia's leading news channel, WAVY TV 10
Dylan: Ha! Ha! Ha! How can they be the leader of news, we got CNN for that!
WVEC TV Announcer: Now heres our channel 13 news weather authority forecast...
Lendy: Ha! Ha! Ha! Look Diana it says its live but its not!
Diana: OMG I know and the map looks like it has bad gas!
WKTR TV Announcer: Breaking News: Overnight developments started at 5 a.m.
Joeseph: heh heh those dumb***s thinks it was nightime when it was morning
WHRO TV Announcer: This program was made possible by viewers like you
Kirk: That "Viewers Like You" message is so ***** up! I mean seriously? Who watches PBS?
Courtney: Yeah hellarious, now can we get some god **** customer service now?!
General Gakas: Yeah! you maggot! I'm missing the Military Channel for christ sake!
Mindy: Kirk, if you don't help these people out, you will be fired!
Buzz: Hey you liberal, hippy, dope smokin' freakshow, take a break from the boobs and look at der screen
Michael: Whoa! Did WGNT bring back UPN or are they having technical difficulties, man?
Nissan: I'll bring you guys some wings and then we can make fun of local tv together
Izz: *****! I'm sick of local stations not showing anything good!
April: I know what we shoud do, lets go to on demand and order a dirty movie.
* WAVY-TV is a NBC affiliate for the Hampton Roads of Virginia.
* WVEC-TV is a ABC affiliate for the Hampton Roads of Vriginia.
* WKTR-TV is a CBS affiliate for the Hampton Roads of Virginia.
* WHRO-TV is a PBS affiliate of the Hampton Roads of Virginia.
* WGNT-TV is currently a CW affiliate of Hampton Roads of Vriginia.
* UPN is a defunct television network.
* Around Dylan's TV set there appears to be a VHS player, an Xbox 360, A black electric guitar, an antique radio, posters for Star Wars, Rage Against the Machine (band), Marijuana and E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, an Corona Extra neon sign (in real life, I do not drink alcohol of any kind), and a bunch of trash laying on the floor that consists a dented Coca-Cola can, chinese takeout box, paper, tennis shoe and a TV guide from the 1960s.
* Lendy and Diana are shown to share the same room together (possibly roomates since I gave them different last names, which are Lendy Alexandria and Diana Kimpsvil)
* Lendy and Dianas room shows that they have a collection of Disney Princesess figurines, a teddy bear, a houseplant, and posters for Peace on Earth, Twilight, Jonas Brothers (South Park style), Powerpuff Girls Movie, Hampton Roads Piranhas and Snooki (South Park style) (however don't ask me really dumb questons about the things these girls like because I dont read Twilight, or collect Disney Princess, or listen to Jonas Brothers, or watch Jersey Shore, because I don't like that type of stuff!).
* Hampton Roads Piranhas is a womens soccer team in Virinia Beach VA.
* Lendy appears to have an Android phone as shown on her bed.
* Around Joeseph's room, there is a surfboard, a Playstation 3, a skateboard, a flag for the Philipines, a hula girl figurn, a Slurpee cup, and posters for Santa Cruz Skateboards, Sublime (band), Element Skateboards, Jackass (movie), Ugly Kid Joe (band), Monster Energy, Rancid (band), Skateboarding is not a crime (featuring Bart, Jimbo, Kearney, Nelson and Dolph from The Simpsons), and Rocket Power (TV show)
* Joeseph seems to be drinking a can of Monster Energy right now.
* Joeseph appears to be Filipino because of the flag (I actually planned him to be Filipino this whole time).
* Despite Buzz is somewhat a conservative redneck and Michael is a liberal hippy, they appear to be good friends.