Sunday, September 2, 2012

Virginia Beach Comic Nine: Local TV is Just As Stupid As Reality TV‏

This is the ninth comic for Virginia Beach series. This comic will poke fun at local TV stations. This is also the first appearance of Courtney and April. Here is the dialog to this comic below:
Dylan: Hello Guys and Chicks, How the hell are you doing? Tonights episode we will be ranting on local television because of its crappy quality, news stories and commercials. Lets watch shall we
WAVY TV Announcer: Your watching Virginia's leading news channel, WAVY TV 10
Dylan: Ha! Ha! Ha! How can they be the leader of news, we got CNN for that!
WVEC TV Announcer: Now heres our channel 13 news weather authority forecast...
Lendy: Ha! Ha! Ha! Look Diana it says its live but its not!
Diana: OMG I know and the map looks like it has bad gas!
WKTR TV Announcer: Breaking News: Overnight developments started at 5 a.m.
Joeseph: heh heh those dumb***s thinks it was nightime when it was morning
WHRO TV Announcer: This program was made possible by viewers like you
Kirk: That "Viewers Like You" message is so ***** up! I mean seriously? Who watches PBS?
Courtney: Yeah hellarious, now can we get some god **** customer service now?!
General Gakas: Yeah! you maggot! I'm missing the Military Channel for christ sake!
Mindy: Kirk, if you don't help these people out, you will be fired!
Buzz: Hey you liberal, hippy, dope smokin' freakshow, take a break from the boobs and look at der screen
Michael: Whoa! Did WGNT bring back UPN or are they having technical difficulties, man?
Nissan: I'll bring you guys some wings and then we can make fun of local tv together
Izz: *****! I'm sick of local stations not showing anything good!
April: I know what we shoud do, lets go to on demand and order a dirty movie.
* WAVY-TV is a NBC affiliate for the Hampton Roads of Virginia.
* WVEC-TV is a ABC affiliate for the Hampton Roads of Vriginia.
* WKTR-TV is a CBS affiliate for the Hampton Roads of Virginia.
* WHRO-TV is a PBS affiliate of the Hampton Roads of Virginia.
* WGNT-TV is currently a CW affiliate of Hampton Roads of Vriginia.
* UPN is a defunct television network.
* Around Dylan's TV set there appears to be a VHS player, an Xbox 360, A black electric guitar, an antique radio, posters for Star Wars, Rage Against the Machine (band), Marijuana and E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, an Corona Extra neon sign (in real life, I do not drink alcohol of any kind), and a bunch of trash laying on the floor that consists a dented Coca-Cola can, chinese takeout box, paper, tennis shoe and a TV guide from the 1960s.
* Lendy and Diana are shown to share the same room together (possibly roomates since I gave them different last names, which are Lendy Alexandria and Diana Kimpsvil)
* Lendy and Dianas room shows that they have a collection of Disney Princesess figurines, a teddy bear, a houseplant, and posters for Peace on Earth, Twilight, Jonas Brothers (South Park style), Powerpuff Girls Movie, Hampton Roads Piranhas and Snooki (South Park style) (however don't ask me really dumb questons about the things these girls like because I dont read Twilight, or collect Disney Princess, or listen to Jonas Brothers, or watch Jersey Shore, because I don't like that type of stuff!).
* Hampton Roads Piranhas is a womens soccer team in Virinia Beach VA.
* Lendy appears to have an Android phone as shown on her bed.
* Around Joeseph's room, there is a surfboard, a Playstation 3, a skateboard, a flag for the Philipines, a hula girl figurn, a Slurpee cup, and posters for Santa Cruz Skateboards, Sublime (band), Element Skateboards, Jackass (movie), Ugly Kid Joe (band), Monster Energy, Rancid (band), Skateboarding is not a crime (featuring Bart, Jimbo, Kearney, Nelson and Dolph from The Simpsons), and Rocket Power (TV show)
* Joeseph seems to be drinking a can of Monster Energy right now.
* Joeseph appears to be Filipino because of the flag (I actually planned him to be Filipino this whole time).
* Despite Buzz is somewhat a conservative redneck and Michael is a liberal hippy, they appear to be good friends.

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