Friday, September 14, 2012

Virginia Beach Comic Eleven: The Aaarrcade is Mine!

This is the eleventh comic in the fictional adventures of Virginia Beach. This time Dylan gets mad that some guy dressed up as a pirate trying to have nobody play pinball, classic arcade games and skeeball and they face a challenge by whoever get the highest score in Tron wins the proper rights for gaming. Here is the dialog below:
Scott: This is where I lost my eyesight
Pirate Guy: Hey none of you better not play any classic arcade games, pinball or skeeball because those are my games matey!
Dylan: Hey man we came here to have fun so chill you douchebag pirate!
Lendy: Oh I love Ms. Pac-Man! Wakka! Wakka! Wakka!
Tyler: Hell yeah pinball! and they have a South Park one!
Joeseph: Top Skater! It may not be as radical as real skateboarding, but I'm playng it!
Pirate Guy: Hey what are you guys doing?! Those are my games! Stop playng them!
Dylan: They are not your games! They are for everyone to play!
Pirate Guy: Alright matey If you want the games to be for everyone, then which one of us gets the highest score on Tron wins the battle, deal?
Dylan: Its a deal
(after the game)
Dylan: Heck yeah! I beat your score! In your face pirate!
Pirate Guy: Aargh! Fine! The games are for everyone to play, I knew I should have taken over Captain Georges Seafood Restaurant instead of this arcade
* The pirate in this comic is not named Flipper McCoy, its just an unamed character I came up with.
* Most of the pictures used in this comics came from a website, while the last scene is from a YouTube video.
* In reality, I suck at Tron, I played the arcade version and Xbox Live versions and I am not very good at them.
* Captain Georges is a real seafood restaurant in Virginia Beach:

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