Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Virginia Beach Comic Twelve: You'll Crashmore if you Skate at Mount Trashmore

Ok this is going to be the season finale of the fictional adventures of Virginia Beach comics I made, so there probally wont be another one for a while and I need a break from this series (and I currently don't know when I'll be making them again). This comic introduces two other characters as well which are Ralph and Toby. Here is the dialog of the comic below.
Dylan: Hello dudes and chicks, please be aware that this is the season finale of Virginia Beach and I will not be seen in the rest of this comic so please enjoy reading having Joeseph as the main character instead mmkay
Lendy: Yeah regarding what he just said, I can't be in this one either because some irresponsible parents hired me to babysit this little brat and I am... hey why the heck are you taking my Doublemint Gum and my phone you little turd!
Ralph: Hey guys, I'll give you my new Offspring album, my Nintendo DS and $200 if you go ride through all the ramps without falling or crashing
Toby: Hey Joeseph you should try it man
Joeseph: Sure I'll give it a shot
(Joeseph starts to ride on his skateboard)
Joeseph: Cowabunga!
Ralph: Hey the Ninja Turtles are more important to me than you!
Joeseph: Ouch, dang it that hurt!
Ralph: Whoa sorry man, you dont get to have my CD, DS or my money after all
Toby: You OK dude?
Scott: Woo Hoo! I may be blind, but I can skate without crashing
* The comics title is just what I made for fun, because if you do skate at Mount Trashmore and you are a really good skater, thats cool
* The characters in the Virginia Beach series were made from http://www.sp-studio.de/, but this time this little kid that Lendy was babysitting was made from http://www.southparkstudios.com/avatar, but be aware that the characters from my Virginia Beach comics are not suppost to be fourth graders, they are much older than that.

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