Saturday, August 31, 2013

Virginia Beach Comic Seventeen: The Ocean Breeze at the Water Park

This will be this years season finale for my Virginia Beach comics. Unlike last year there were 14 Virginia Beach comics made. (Two of them were previously seen on my blog, but they have been since taken down by me.) And this year there was only 5 made because I had a late start on the comic series this year, so hopefully I will make more than that next summer. Anyways this comics plot is that Dylan, Lendy and Joseph are spending the day at Ocean Breeze water park until suddenly somebody does a dangerous and wet stunt at Motor World. Here is the comics dialog below:
Joseph: Hey can we go in the Hurricane?
Lendy: No! Lets ride in the chlorine ocean!
Dylan: Speaking of witch, it does smell like an ocean not to far away form here (but not chlorine of course)
(at Motor World)
Herb: Hey everybody look! I'm driving sideways with no hands and the Virginia Aquarium lended me one of their exhibits to run into!
(Back at Ocean Breeze and it really flooded!)
Dylan: Ok guys due to this akward accident at Motor World. The series has been put on hiatus until next summer so see you next year.
* Ocean Breeze Waterpark is a real water park in Virginia Beach VA. Motor World and Virginia Aquarium also exist and they are all right next to each other, in fact all three of those places are actually close to the ocean in real life.
* The Hurricane is a real attraction at Ocean Breeze Waterpark.
* There is no way that a Aquarium would lend a exhibit to a race track type place just for someone to run into in real life and yes I am a animal lover myself.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Virginia Beach Comic Sixteen: Neptune Festival

This is the sixteenth comic for Virginia Beach for my blog, and this is about the upcoming Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach VA. Dylan give you details in this comic:
Dylan: Hey guys and gals, for those who are in Virginia Beach be sure to visit the 40th annual Neptune Festival.
Dylan: You can see the cool sand scuptures that people made.
Dylan: And you can see people like Nissan and Rorion challenge in the Neptune's Volleyball Tournament.
Dylan: So yeah go to this festival for those in Hampton Roads fools!
* The Neptune Festival is a real festival held every year, Here is the link:
* Nissan and Rorion apparently play volleyball.
* Dylan was the only character speaking in this comic.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Virginia Beach Comic Fifteen: Easy Come, Easy Golf

This is the fifteenth comic of Virginia Beach on my blog by far. In this comic, Joseph goes on hiatus on skateboarding after his injury, so he tries to play golf instead. Here is the dialog below:
Joseph: Hey dude, do you know where to sign up for a golf tournament?
Mark: Uh sorry the tournament is full, hey aren't you that guy who skated at Mount Trashmore and fell?
Joseph: Yes and I decided to go on hiatus on extreme sports and start doing some lame sports such as golf and fishing.
Mark: But you can't quit now!
Joseph: I know, but I broke my bones from the fall, but dang it I will not rest 'til I can skate again!
Mark: That's the spirit!
Joseph: Now hand me that golf club!
Mark: Uh ok if you want to be like Michael Jordan when he retired from basketball and started to play baseball and golf then do so.
(Joseph starts playing and loses his arm)
Joseph: Aw dang it!
Mark: Now that's gotta hurt.
* Joseph appears to be crippled because due to his injuries.
* Michael Jordan really did play baseball in his first retirement from basketball and in his third retirement he attended celebrity charity golf tournaments.
* Mark's shirt has the Star Trek logo on it.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Virginia Beach Comic Fourteen: Lendy Your Not a Cat!

Ok this is the second comic for Virginia Beach this year. In this comic, Lendy tries to adopt a cat but she confuses Kirk in his third job after Cox Cable and Target. Heres the dialog below:
Kirk: Hi and welcome to the SPCA what the hell do you want?
Lendy: Meow
Kirk: Uh pardon?
Lendy: Meow
Kirk: Ok your saying you want a dog?
Lendy: Hiss
Kirk: Then you want a certain animal besides dogs and cats?
Lendy: Grrr!
Kirk: Then you want a cat?
Lendy: Meow
Kirk: Ok what kind, what size, what color and male or female?
Lendy: Give me every cat and kitten you got!
Dylan: Wow Lendy I have to say that I'm proud of you outsmarting that Kirk guy that always gets fired for harassing people
Lendy: really?
Dylan: Yeah now lets all go to the pawn shop and somehow pawn all of these cats.
Diana: Wait what did he say?
* You can't really pawn cats or any other type of animal in real life, but you can take them to SPCA.
* Kirk Previously worked for Cox Cable in "Screw You Viacom" and "Local TV is Just as Stupid as Reality TV" and at Target in "You Trader!".

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Virginia Beach Comic Thirteen: Wimp and Stinky

Happy 4th of July everyone and this is the 2013 season premier of my Virginia Beach comics. In this comic I use my comic characters I have had since 2007 called Wimp and Stinky. They are basically my versions of Ren and Stimpy since I was a huge fan of Ren and Stimpy (still am) I decided to create my own Ren and Stimpy like characters. Now here is the dialog for this comic:
Stinky: Hey Wimp want to feed the ocean?
Wimp: Yeah lets see if the ocean is hungry for washed up sand.
Wimp: Well come on ocean aren't you hungry?
Stinky: Yeah if you don't want it then i'll eat it.
Dylan: Its low tide boys.
Wimp: What are you kidding?
Stinky: Yeah this is just crap.
Stinky: Oh well we can try Sandbridge Beach.
Dylan: Well since we didn't catch anything as usual everywhere so lets pack up and head over to Captain Georges to get our seafood fix.
* Ren and Stimpy were originally created by John Kricfalusi while Wimp and Stimpy were created by me.
* Captain Georges is a seafood restaurant in Virginia Beach.
* Sandbridge Beach is one of the beaches in Virginia Beach.
* The beach that was shown in this comic is Chesapeake Bay.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Update on my Virginia Beach comic series

Hello everyone and it has been awile since I posted here and I have been thinking about the future of my Virginia Beach series and I decided that I will make more this summer. I have a few ideas for the next Virginia Beach comics such as My comic characters that were around before Virginia Beach make an appearance and its Wimp and Stinky, Lendy adopting a cat from the SPCA, a character I havent used yet doing dangerous things at Motor World, Joeseph tries golfing instead of skateboarding and more. So that the update on my Virginia Beach comics so see you summer 2013.