Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Virginia Beach Comic Fourteen: Lendy Your Not a Cat!

Ok this is the second comic for Virginia Beach this year. In this comic, Lendy tries to adopt a cat but she confuses Kirk in his third job after Cox Cable and Target. Heres the dialog below:
Kirk: Hi and welcome to the SPCA what the hell do you want?
Lendy: Meow
Kirk: Uh pardon?
Lendy: Meow
Kirk: Ok your saying you want a dog?
Lendy: Hiss
Kirk: Then you want a certain animal besides dogs and cats?
Lendy: Grrr!
Kirk: Then you want a cat?
Lendy: Meow
Kirk: Ok what kind, what size, what color and male or female?
Lendy: Give me every cat and kitten you got!
Dylan: Wow Lendy I have to say that I'm proud of you outsmarting that Kirk guy that always gets fired for harassing people
Lendy: really?
Dylan: Yeah now lets all go to the pawn shop and somehow pawn all of these cats.
Diana: Wait what did he say?
* You can't really pawn cats or any other type of animal in real life, but you can take them to SPCA.
* Kirk Previously worked for Cox Cable in "Screw You Viacom" and "Local TV is Just as Stupid as Reality TV" and at Target in "You Trader!".

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