Thursday, July 4, 2013

Virginia Beach Comic Thirteen: Wimp and Stinky

Happy 4th of July everyone and this is the 2013 season premier of my Virginia Beach comics. In this comic I use my comic characters I have had since 2007 called Wimp and Stinky. They are basically my versions of Ren and Stimpy since I was a huge fan of Ren and Stimpy (still am) I decided to create my own Ren and Stimpy like characters. Now here is the dialog for this comic:
Stinky: Hey Wimp want to feed the ocean?
Wimp: Yeah lets see if the ocean is hungry for washed up sand.
Wimp: Well come on ocean aren't you hungry?
Stinky: Yeah if you don't want it then i'll eat it.
Dylan: Its low tide boys.
Wimp: What are you kidding?
Stinky: Yeah this is just crap.
Stinky: Oh well we can try Sandbridge Beach.
Dylan: Well since we didn't catch anything as usual everywhere so lets pack up and head over to Captain Georges to get our seafood fix.
* Ren and Stimpy were originally created by John Kricfalusi while Wimp and Stimpy were created by me.
* Captain Georges is a seafood restaurant in Virginia Beach.
* Sandbridge Beach is one of the beaches in Virginia Beach.
* The beach that was shown in this comic is Chesapeake Bay.

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