Friday, August 2, 2013

Virginia Beach Comic Fifteen: Easy Come, Easy Golf

This is the fifteenth comic of Virginia Beach on my blog by far. In this comic, Joseph goes on hiatus on skateboarding after his injury, so he tries to play golf instead. Here is the dialog below:
Joseph: Hey dude, do you know where to sign up for a golf tournament?
Mark: Uh sorry the tournament is full, hey aren't you that guy who skated at Mount Trashmore and fell?
Joseph: Yes and I decided to go on hiatus on extreme sports and start doing some lame sports such as golf and fishing.
Mark: But you can't quit now!
Joseph: I know, but I broke my bones from the fall, but dang it I will not rest 'til I can skate again!
Mark: That's the spirit!
Joseph: Now hand me that golf club!
Mark: Uh ok if you want to be like Michael Jordan when he retired from basketball and started to play baseball and golf then do so.
(Joseph starts playing and loses his arm)
Joseph: Aw dang it!
Mark: Now that's gotta hurt.
* Joseph appears to be crippled because due to his injuries.
* Michael Jordan really did play baseball in his first retirement from basketball and in his third retirement he attended celebrity charity golf tournaments.
* Mark's shirt has the Star Trek logo on it.

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