Saturday, August 31, 2013

Virginia Beach Comic Seventeen: The Ocean Breeze at the Water Park

This will be this years season finale for my Virginia Beach comics. Unlike last year there were 14 Virginia Beach comics made. (Two of them were previously seen on my blog, but they have been since taken down by me.) And this year there was only 5 made because I had a late start on the comic series this year, so hopefully I will make more than that next summer. Anyways this comics plot is that Dylan, Lendy and Joseph are spending the day at Ocean Breeze water park until suddenly somebody does a dangerous and wet stunt at Motor World. Here is the comics dialog below:
Joseph: Hey can we go in the Hurricane?
Lendy: No! Lets ride in the chlorine ocean!
Dylan: Speaking of witch, it does smell like an ocean not to far away form here (but not chlorine of course)
(at Motor World)
Herb: Hey everybody look! I'm driving sideways with no hands and the Virginia Aquarium lended me one of their exhibits to run into!
(Back at Ocean Breeze and it really flooded!)
Dylan: Ok guys due to this akward accident at Motor World. The series has been put on hiatus until next summer so see you next year.
* Ocean Breeze Waterpark is a real water park in Virginia Beach VA. Motor World and Virginia Aquarium also exist and they are all right next to each other, in fact all three of those places are actually close to the ocean in real life.
* The Hurricane is a real attraction at Ocean Breeze Waterpark.
* There is no way that a Aquarium would lend a exhibit to a race track type place just for someone to run into in real life and yes I am a animal lover myself.

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