Monday, July 14, 2014

Virginia Beach Comic Nineteen: No Movie Night

Ok guys this is another Virginia Beach comic I did. This time it is about Blockbuster going out of business, which happened in November 2013. However, I honestly not sure when the Virginia Beach stores closed since I haven't been living there since 2007, but I decided to do this comic on the closure of Blockbuster. Here is the dialog below:
(Joseph approaches Blockbuster)
Joseph: Huh? Did Blockbuster close or something?
Dylan: Yo Joseph, haven't you heard? Blockbuster went out of business.
Joseph: What?! Aw man! We have to deal with Redbox now?
Dylan: Not really, there is Netflix and you can buy DVDs at stores like F.Y.E.
Joseph: But I actually want to go into a place where you can rent movies.
Dylan: Well there is House of Video and Naro Expanded Video in Norfolk if your interested in both.
Joseph: Actually I know two places in the West Coast that I like even more, Salzers in Ventura CA and Scarecrow Video in Seattle.
Dylan: But those are all the way other side of the country.
Joseph: Aww man right, if only a teleporter was invented.
Dylan: Yeah you mean like the ones on Star Trek?
Joseph: Yeah my thoughts exactly
* Blockbuster actually has 50 franchised stores still open, several of them are in Alaska and Texas:
* House of Video and Naro Expanded Video are real video stores in the Hampton Roads area: and
* Salzers is also a real video store and across from it is a record store with the same name and owner:
* Scarecrow Video is also a real video store in Seattle WA, and believe it or not, they may have DVDs and Blu Rays to rent, but they still have VHS and even Laserdisc to rent!:

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