Sunday, August 10, 2014

Virginia Beach Comic Twenty One: The Fish Connection 2: Encountering the Pirate Guy Again

This is part two to the previous comic I posted a few days ago. This time the Pirate Guy challenges Dylan into fishing to see who gets the bigger fish. Here is the dialog below:
The Pirate Guy: Arrgh! So what brings you here when I'm working here now?
Dylan: Look we don't want any trouble okay.
Arrgh! Too bad! I am about to challenge you again
Dylan: Well ok then lets do this
(The Next Day)
Dylan: Whoa! My fish is bigger, looks like I win again
The Pirate Guy: Arrgh! Man!
* Both Lendy and Joseph did not speak this whole time in both The Fish Connection two part comics.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Virginia Beach Comic Twenty: The Fish Connection

This is part one of this Virginia Beach Comic I made. In this comic, Dylan was eating his fish dinner and decides to go fishing tomorrow at the Rudee Inlet, but turns out it was too windy for fishing so he eats at Captain Georges instead and encounters The Pirate Guy again. Here is the dialog below:
(At the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel)
Dylan: Man I should go fishing tomorrow.
(The Next Day features the Rudee Inlet and then shows Captain Georges Seafood Restaurant at dinner time)
Dylan: It was too windy for fishing so we went to Captain Georges instead.
The Pirate Guy: And I just took over the restaurant.
Dylan: Ok sounds like this could be a two part comic.
* Captain Georges Seafood Restaurant is a seafood restaurant located in Virginia Beach, but there are also locations in Williamsburg VA (which I ate at this one like ten years ago), Outer Banks of North Carolina and Myrtle Beach SC.
* Rudee Inlet is a place for dining, boat tours, fishing charters, jet ski rentals and more. Here is their website for more information:
* This comics title is a play on the 1971 film, The French Connection.