Saturday, September 20, 2014

Virginia Beach Comic Twenty Two: The Band Name

Ok guys this is the latest Virginia Beach comic I have recently done, but I will be making more next year so this is the last Virginia Beach comic for a while. In this comic, Dylan, Lendy and Joseph try to come up with a band name to use for their performance at the Farm Bureau Live at Virginia Beach, but turns out they weren't expected to perform there. Heres the dialog below:
Dylan: Ok Lendy, we play in a couple days so what should be the name of our band?
Lendy: How about...
Dylan: On second thought, don't suggest a name for our band. So Joseph? Do you know any good names for our band?
Joseph: Were an Alternative Rock band right?
Dylan: Well yes, but we play other versions of rock too.
Joseph: Alright then, how about we call ourselves Del, Len and Joe.
Dylan: Ok, that's not bad, but we should try to come up with a name that doesn't use our names.
Buck Fleaur: Hey how did you guys get in here!? You weren't expected to play here!
Dylan: Oh its you Buck, We were just hanging out that's all.
Buck Fleaur: On the other hand, you guys can perform with us tomorrow.
Dylan: On second thought, we will just end this comic.
* Farm Bureau Live at Virginia Beach is an actual concert venue in Virginia Beach.
* While Dylan look the same way as usual, Lendy and Joseph look more like rock stars in this comic.