Sunday, June 28, 2015

Virginia Beach Comic Twenty Three: Parked

Okay Its been a while since the last Virginia Beach comic and that was in September of last year when I last posted a Virginia Beach comic. This year will have at least five comics or more (or less depending on my time schedual since I have college classes right now). Anyways this is the first Virginia Beach of this year and the plot to this comic is Joseph wants to skate at Mount Trashmore Park so Dylan, Lendy and Joseph head there and it was closed off for a private party so they went to City View Park instead. Here is the dialog below:
Joseph: Oh boy I can't wait to skate again after my injuries from three years ago!
Dylan: Once I find a parking spot, you can go ahead and skate as much as you want Joseph.
General Gakas: Excuse me guys, were you invited at the NAS Oceana BBQ picnic?
Dylan: Um no? Why is Mount Trashmore closed to the public exept for those in the military?
General Gakas: Yes Varmits! You guys have to find another park because this park is closed to everyone today unless your in the military.
Joseph: Aw man!
Dylan: Oh I see, I guess well find another park then.
(Leaving Mount Trahmore Park)
Dylan: Sorry we couldn't go to Mount Trashmore Park Joseph.
Joseph: Oh well, at leased I could just skate on the sidewalks.
Lendy: Hey how about this park?
Dylan: Oh yeah this park, good thinking Lendy.
Joseph: Dude why doe's this park not have a skateboard park yet, but at leased I could use this skating ramp. I'm going to try a kickflip off from this ramp.
(Joseph passes the ramp on his skateboard)
Joseph: Oh crap! I'm going off course!
(Joseph falls off his skateboard)
Joseph: And I just fell off my board.
Dylan: Joseph are you okay dude?
Joseph: Yeah I'm fine, I think my board had some loose wheels. And to be fair, I kinda want to go to 7 Eleven and then to the beach.
Dylan: Well Lendy do you want to go to 7 Eleven and then to the beach?
Lendy: Sure I'd love to get a Slurpee and swim in the ocean.
Dylan: Well in that case lets go already
Joseph: But I don't have my surfboard with me.
Lendy: Me either
Dylan: (Sigh) Joseph you're killing us because we don't have our board you know that?
* This is the second time Mount Trashmore has appeared in the Virginia Beach comic series, the first time was in "You'll Crashmore If You Skate at Mount Trashmore" back in 2012.
* In real life, I'm sure a park like Mount Trashmore wouldn't be closed off for a private party since its a public park.
* City View Park was the park that was closest to my old house in Virginia Beach.
* Dylan drives a 1963 Chevy Impala as shown in this comic.