Saturday, July 25, 2015

Virginia Beach Comic Twenty Five: Ditchin' and Surfin'

Alright here is another comic of the Virginia Beach series I made. Now this one continues from the previous one I made where they decided to ditch work and go surfing. In this comic, it turns out more have ditched work and went surfing for the day. Here is the dialog below:
Joseph: Now these waves are exactly why we need a ditch work and surf day.
Tyler: You said it Joseph.
Dylan: Alright everybody I got some of our folks at Cox Cable and Hardee's to join our Ditch Work N' Surf day.
Julie: Hey We only joined because our Hardee's is under health inspection.
Diana: Who else is joining?
Kirk: What Up Chumps?
Manson: Count me in, not because I don't care.
Mindy: Oh god not you again Kirk, the jerk!
Dylan: Wow Kirk, I did not even know that you even had a job still, that is just plain shocking and disturbing at the same time.
Kirk: Hell yeah, I still work at SPCA and Lendy knows this because she comes to the SPCA every week just to adopt kittens.
Dylan: Oh yeah that's right Lendy, your room and sometimes my room gets packed with kittens every weekend.
Lendy: Yep, I just love kitties
Manson: There is one thing I want to know is why did you conformists organize an ditch work and surf day? There are a lot of shark sightings around lately because of the ocean is very warm this year.
(Everybody but Kirk and Manson have their mouths open in shock about the news.)
Kirk: You suckers didn't even know about this did you?
Manson: Kirk just shut up! Look if I were you guys, I would call the Ditch and Surf off and go back to work.
Dylan: Fair enough we'll go back to work just because we don't want to get eaten by sharks.
Joseph: Should we reschedual? because we all really wanted to try this.
Tyler: Yeah because we all wanted to ditch work today.
Manson: I wouldn't recommend ditching another day because you could all get yourselves fired if you attempt to do it again.
Dylan: Alright fine we'll go back to our jobs, we need the money anyways.
Julie: Well me, Wilbur and Frank may be out of work for a little longer because of our Hardee's is under health inspection still.
* There are a lot of clothes changes for the characters in this comic, for example Dylan is wearing a Japanese Santa Cruz Skateboards t-shirt (as well as in the previous comic), Lendy, Manson and Wilbur are wearing tye-dye shirts, Julie's clothes are similar to Diana's, Kirk wears a Batman tank top and if you look closely, Tyler is wearing an Hawaiian shirt.
* Just like in the previous comic, they all have white surf boards.
* There has actually been a lot of shark sightings lately, there were sightings in Virginia Beach as well as other cities in California, New Jersey, North Carolina, New York, etc.
* When Dylan, Lendy, Joseph, Tyler, Diana, Mindy, Julie and Wilbur had their mouths open in shock, it is a reference to the Surprised Patrick Meme:

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