Saturday, July 11, 2015

Virginia Beach Comic Twenty Four: Surfin' Discounts

Alright everyone, this is another Virginia Beach comic I just made. In this comic, Joseph gives Dylan and Lendy discounts at 17th Street Surf Shop and Tyler begins to question why Dylan and Lendy were given diecounts when they never even shopped at 17th Street Surf Shop before. Here is the dialog below:
Dylan: It was cool that your boss gave me and Lendy discounts at the 17th Street Surf Shop Joseph.
Joseph: Yes I certinally have a cool boss.
Tyler: Hey Joseph are you off work today bro?
Joseph: Yeah dude, my boss gave me a day off.
Lendy: And his boss gave me and Dyl discounts.
Dylan: So does this mean you have to work today Tyler?
Tyler: Yes I do have to go to work unfortunitaly, but hey its for the money.
Dylan: Wow bummer, We'll see you later I guess.
Tyler: But guys wait, why did our boss gave Dylan and Lendy discounts when they never even shopped here before.
Dylan: Yeah I was just thinking why did your boss give me and Lendy discounts when we don't even shop here?
Lendy: Yeah?
Joseph: You know what, Screw work guys were going surfing!
Tyler: I think I might as well call it a ditch work day just to surf.
Joseph: Alright we have four people ditching work so far now who else wants to join?
Dylan: I think I will declair this day in July as ditch work and surf day!
Lendy: And I can ask Diana if she wants to surf too.
Diana: Heck yeah I will join you guys!
Lendy: Cool!
Joseph: And I wonder how many more people will be ditching work and surf today?
* 17th Street Surf Shop is a surf shop chain that has locations in Virginia Beach (as seen in the comic), Chesapeake, VA, Outer Banks, NC and Wilmington, NC.
* When Joseph says "Screw work guys were going surfing!", it is a reference to Cartman saying "Screw You Guys, I'm Going Home!" in several episodes of South Park.
* Dylan can be seen wearing a blue shirt with the Santa Cruz Skateboards logo in Japanese.
* Lendy can be seen wearing purple sunglasses and a purple tye-dye shirt.
* Dylan, Joseph, Lendy and Diana all have a white surfboard.

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