Sunday, August 30, 2015

Virginia Beach Comic Twenty Seven: The Board Game

Alright folks, here is the most recent Virginia Beach comic I made. This will be the last one for the year so I will be planning to make more next year. In this comic, Dylan goes to the Lynnhaven Mall and buys a new board game and Lendy decides to join him playing the game. Here is the dialog below.
Dylan: Alright, I can't wait to play this new Monopoly game.
Lendy: Wow, is that the new Monopoly that includes Virginia Beach and Chesapeake as properties?
Dylan: Yep this is that new Monopoly Here & Now that includes Virginia Beach and Chesapeake as properties why, you want to play this version?
Lendy: Of course I do! Monopoly is my favorite board game and our city is in this one.
(While they play the game)
Lendy: You landed on my property, you owe me $3500!
Dylan: Oh come on! You just bought that hotel!
Joseph: Hey guys, what's up?
Lendy: Oh we were playing that new Monopoly Here & Now game that includes Virginia Beach as a property.
Dylan: And she just won the game!
* This is the shortest Virginia Beach comic I made for the year, but the Neptunes Festival comic I made in 2013 was the shortest one I ever did for the Virginia Beach series.
* The board game featured in the comic is Monopoly Here & Now and it actually does include Virginia Beach and Chesapeake in this edition.
* It is unknown what store Dylan got the game inside the Lynnhaven Mall.
* The board game that was shown on that table is really an Monopoly knockoff called Virginia Beach'opoly, which is an Monopoly styled board game, but it is all dedicated to the city of Virginia Beach. Here is some more information here:
* Like always, these characters I made for the Virginia Beach comics are created on

Monday, August 10, 2015

Virginia Beach Comic Twenty Six: Two Lighthouses, Two Prank Calls

Alright here is another Virginia Beach comic I made. In this comic, Dylan gives Lendy and Diana jobs to look after the lighthouses for the night and they eventually get bored and prank call Dylan. Here is the dialog below:
Dylan: Alright girls since you two want extra cash for yourselves, I will give you the job of watching both lighthouses tonight.
Lendy: You're so nice to us Dyl, i'll take the black and white one because it matches my white beret and black hair and tank top.
Diana: I'll take the brick one because brown is the same color as my hair.
Dylan: Heh heh you girls, anyways you two get to stay the night in these lighthouses since you are working there all night.
Diana: So we get to sleep here then?
Lendy: If were sleeping here tonight, should we get whatever stuff we need and want at our place?
Dylan: Yes bring whatever you two want over here tonight and I will give you two some cash for you to order a pizza or Chinese or whatever.
Lendy: Why thank you so much Dyl for the money.
Dylan: Yeah don't mention it Lendy, now you two get your stuff and then get to work.
(Late at night)(Close to midnight)
Lendy: Hey Diana are you awake still?
Diana: Of course I'm awake Lendy, these giant light bulbs in these lighthouses make it impossible to sleep.
Lendy: I know! Also I thought maybe we can take a break from watching the ocean by making prank calls.
Diana: O-M-G! That's exactly what I want to do right now! Who should we call?
Lendy: Umm let's see, how about Dyl?
Diana: Um are you sure about that Lendy? Because he could snap at us for goofing off.
Lendy: I'm sure he wouldn't mind.
Diana: Well okay if you say so.
(Midnight at Dylan's room)
Dylan: Hello?
Lendy: 'Ello Govena? Who is this I'm speaking too?
Dylan: Very funny Lendy, I know it's just you goofing off and hold on somebody's trying to call me so I'm going to call you back.
Diana: Hello who is this I'm calling right now?
Dylan: Girls, please get back to work, it's past midnight and you two should be watching the ocean and not be making prank calls in the lighthouse.
(Few seconds later)
Diana: Lendy, I think we should go back to work now.
Lendy: Yeah your right Diana, we should have been looking out for ships and not making any prank calls this whole time.
Diana: Yeah good idea Lendy.
* These two lighthouses are located at Cape Henry, which is located at the northeast corner of Virginia Beach.
* If you look closely, Lendy ordered a pizza while Diana ordered Chinese food.