Monday, August 10, 2015

Virginia Beach Comic Twenty Six: Two Lighthouses, Two Prank Calls

Alright here is another Virginia Beach comic I made. In this comic, Dylan gives Lendy and Diana jobs to look after the lighthouses for the night and they eventually get bored and prank call Dylan. Here is the dialog below:
Dylan: Alright girls since you two want extra cash for yourselves, I will give you the job of watching both lighthouses tonight.
Lendy: You're so nice to us Dyl, i'll take the black and white one because it matches my white beret and black hair and tank top.
Diana: I'll take the brick one because brown is the same color as my hair.
Dylan: Heh heh you girls, anyways you two get to stay the night in these lighthouses since you are working there all night.
Diana: So we get to sleep here then?
Lendy: If were sleeping here tonight, should we get whatever stuff we need and want at our place?
Dylan: Yes bring whatever you two want over here tonight and I will give you two some cash for you to order a pizza or Chinese or whatever.
Lendy: Why thank you so much Dyl for the money.
Dylan: Yeah don't mention it Lendy, now you two get your stuff and then get to work.
(Late at night)(Close to midnight)
Lendy: Hey Diana are you awake still?
Diana: Of course I'm awake Lendy, these giant light bulbs in these lighthouses make it impossible to sleep.
Lendy: I know! Also I thought maybe we can take a break from watching the ocean by making prank calls.
Diana: O-M-G! That's exactly what I want to do right now! Who should we call?
Lendy: Umm let's see, how about Dyl?
Diana: Um are you sure about that Lendy? Because he could snap at us for goofing off.
Lendy: I'm sure he wouldn't mind.
Diana: Well okay if you say so.
(Midnight at Dylan's room)
Dylan: Hello?
Lendy: 'Ello Govena? Who is this I'm speaking too?
Dylan: Very funny Lendy, I know it's just you goofing off and hold on somebody's trying to call me so I'm going to call you back.
Diana: Hello who is this I'm calling right now?
Dylan: Girls, please get back to work, it's past midnight and you two should be watching the ocean and not be making prank calls in the lighthouse.
(Few seconds later)
Diana: Lendy, I think we should go back to work now.
Lendy: Yeah your right Diana, we should have been looking out for ships and not making any prank calls this whole time.
Diana: Yeah good idea Lendy.
* These two lighthouses are located at Cape Henry, which is located at the northeast corner of Virginia Beach.
* If you look closely, Lendy ordered a pizza while Diana ordered Chinese food.

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