Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Virginia Beach Comic Twenty Eight: Baselleyball

Alright folks, its been a while, but here is a new comic in the Virginia Beach series. In this comic, Dylan and Lendy try to go to a Norfolk Tides baseball game, but they decided that it was too hot so they went back to Virginia Beach to play volleyball with Lendy's friends and thing get ugly at the end. Here is the dialog below:
(Harbor Park, Norfolk, VA, 10:30 AM)
Dylan: Wow it's 85 degrees outside and it's only 10:30 am and the game hasn't even started yet.
Lendy: I know, wanna just leave and go to the beach? Because me and my friends are suppost to be playing volleyball there anyway.
Dylan: That sounds good, never was a fan of baseball anyway and I only went here today because I won season passes here.
(Sandbridge Beach, Back in Virginia Beach, 3:30 PM)
Diana: Hey Lendy, What's Up?
Lendy: Hey guy's, I'm here to play volleyball with you and would it be alright if Dylan plays with us?
Diana: Of course he can join us! Oh by the way Dylan, this is Akiko just in case if you don't know her.
Akiko: Konichiwa
Diana: She just moved here from Japan and usually speaks Japanese most of the time, but she speaks English as well.
Akiko: Hai, yes I do
Dylan: Looks like we both have something in common already Akiko, I'm from Japan as well and...
Lendy: Play Ball!
(Lendy hits Akiko with the volleyball and brakes her nose and her glasses)
Akiko: Ahh You broke my glasses and my nose! Anata wa watashi no megane to watashi no hana o kowashimashita!
Diana: Lendy why did you do that for?!
Lendy: Well Diana, I thought that conversation was going on forever that it was time to play hit her in the face with the volleyball La La La La, La La, La La, La La La La La!
* The Norfolk Tides is a baseball team in Norfolk, VA.
* Harbor Park is where the Norfolk Tides play their home games.
* The comics title Baselleyball is a reference to the 1998 movie Baseketball, which stars South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
* Hai is Japanese for yes and Konichiwa is hello in Japanese. Anata wa watashi no megane to watashi no hana o kowashimashita! is the Japanese translation for You broke my glasses and my nose! as well.
* Like always, these characters I made for the Virginia Beach comics are created on