Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Virginia Beach Comic Thirty: Is The Tide Really Low?

What's up everyone, here is another Virginia Beach I have done. In this comic, Joseph is still in the ocean and his friends Toby and Ralph leave the state park after hearing about a scary looking fish known as the Northern Stargazer being seen at the beach around town and Joseph was apparently sanding on one and the fish gets mad at Joseph for standing on it and Akiko eventually harpoons the Northern Stargazer as well as accidently breaking Josephs surfboard.
Here is the dialog below:
Joseph: Ralph, Toby come on in the water is fine and I am still betting the big wave will come soon.
Ralph: We don't think its fine anymore, in fact you should get out because there is some scary looking fish that's been appearing around Virginia Beach so beware dude!
Joseph: Aww come on! You guys chicken? Because there are freaking scary looking fish out there...Uh guys? Fine be that way guys, I'll attempt to surf on the low tides of Chesapeake Bay without you, even though I am standing on slippery ground right now. Wait a minute, the ground is slippery? I hope it's just a rock covered in algae.
Northern Stargazer Fish: You ain't standing on no algae covered rock, you're standing on an Northern Stargazer fish you punk!
Joseph: Wait I was standing on you and you're an ugly looking fish so that's just nasty, now beat it!
Northern Stargazer Fish: Don't you tell me to beat it! I'm going to bury you in the sand because this is my turf and I can do whateve I want!
Joseph: (fake sarcastic laugh)Ha Ha Ha Ha, very funny now if you'll excuse me, I am going to do some surfing.
(The Norther Stargazer Fish gets harpooned by Akiko and Joseph's surf board gets broken)
Akiko: Wai! I cought some dinner! Mister can you tell me what fish that is?
Joseph: Are you serious?! Who are you and why did you break my surfboard?!
Akiko: I said, can you tell me what fish is that so I can gut it and make sushi out of it.
Joseph: Uh this is a Northern Stargazer and this does not look edible for you to eat.
* The idea of this comic came from a news story where someone found a Norther Stargazer while walking at a beach in Virginia Beach. Here is a news story about the Northern Stargazer appearing in Virginia Beach in real life:
* Northern Stargazer fish bury themselves in sand, but not in the ocean it seems in real life.
* Wai is Japanese for Yay.
* Akiko is briefly seen having a Manga mouth expression when she cought the Northern Stargazer and breaking Josephs board.
* I wouldn't eat a Northern Stargazer if I were you because they can shock you if you touch them.
* Like always, these characters I made for the Virginia Beach comics are created on

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