Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Virginia Beach Comic Thirty One: Discovery at Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel

What's Up eeveryone, here is another Virginia Beach comic I have made. In this comic, Akiko is still on the boat at the Chesapeake Bay and she finds a baby seal on the rocks by the Bridge Tunnel, then Lendy shows up and tells Akiko that she can't take the seal to a vet. Here is the diaog below:
(Chesapeake Bay bridge Tunnel, between Virginia Beach and Cape Charls, VA)
Akiko: Wait, what is that over there? I better check it out because I have been on the boat for five hours now. Nanite Kotoda! This baby seal looks sick, I better take it somewhere quick dekirudake sumiyakani!
Lendy: What up Akiko!
Akiko: Oh its you goofy girl, now go away because I am taking this poor seal to a vet.
Lendy: OMG and LOL! You think a vet is going to take in a seal? I happen to be a veterinarian and we don't take seals, we take pets!
Seal: You tell her girl!
Akiko: Nani? This seal can talk, the seal is not even sick is it?
Dylan: Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa! Really? Talking animals people? First a talking fish and now a talking seal? Alright, end this comic and lets get started on making one that actually make sense m'kay!
* The Seal in this comic is a Harbor Seal.
* Here is an informal site about the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel:
* Nanite Kotoda means Oh My God, Dekirudake Sumiyakani means As Soon As Possible and Nani means What all in Japanese.
And yes, a vet can only take pets (dogs, cats, etc.), not wild animals like a Harbor Seal.
* Akiko's explanation reaction is similar of what you can see in some manga and anime series.
* Yes, the next Virginia Beach comic will not feature a talking animal, I promise.
* When Dylan says M'kay at the end, it is a reference to Mr. Mackey on South Park.
* Like always, these characters I made for the Virginia Beach comics are created on

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