Sunday, July 10, 2016

Virginia Beach Comic Twenty Nine: Low Tide

Alright folks, here is another Virginia Beach comic I have done. In this comic, Joseph and his friends Ralph and Toby go to First Landing State Park to try to surf, but Dylan tells Joseph that it's low tide at the state park, but Joseph doesn't listen.
Here is the dialog below:
Joseph: The waves are looking good so far.
Ralph: They are, but are we even allowed to surf here?
Joseph: Come on Ralph, Rules are for narks! Lets just surf already!
Dylan: Joseph, you and your buds go somewhere else to surf because it's low tide here.
Joseph: Oh hey dude, how come you and Lendy aren't surfing?
Dylan: Joseph did you not hear me? It's low tide here and your better off surfing somewhere else.
Joseph: What did you say dude? Because I couldn't hear you because I was getting in.
Dylan: Joseph what did I just say? The ocean... you know what forget it, you and your buds have fun attempting to surf on low tides Joseph and I'm sure you'll regret it.
* First Landing State Park is an actual recreational state park located in Virginia Beach.
* I am honestly not sure if you can really surf at First Landing State Park or not.
* Like always, these characters I made for the Virginia Beach comics are created on

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