Saturday, August 20, 2016

Virginia Beach Comic Thirty Two: Save the Manatees, Go To A Festival

What's up everyone, here is another Virginia Beach comic I made and this one will be the last for the year and I plan to make more again next year. In this comic, Lendy and Akiko are finished with a soccer game at the Virginia Beach Sportsplex with Lendy believing that her and Akiko will get along better with the soccer team they're in. Pungo asks both Lendy and Akiko if they wanted to come to Jerk Fest in the upcoming weekend and The Pirate Guy finds out that manatees have been spotted in the ocean. Here is the dialog below:
Lendy: Look Akiko, I know that I have been mean and selfish to you, but I really think we'll get along better on our soccer team.
Pungo: Are you two ladies interested coming to Jerk Fest this weekend?
Lendy: Sure I would love to come to Jerk Fest this weekend, are you planning to go Akiko?
Akiko: Sure, experiencing Caribbean culture sounds like fun.
The Pirate Guy: Maties! I just read the news and people have spotted manatees.
Akiko: Matsu? Did you say manatees Kaizoku Gai? I better get my harpoons and head to the ocean.
Lendy: Akiko really? Why would you harpoon a vulnerable species like manatees? Why do we have to be on the same team?
Akiko: Sate Sate, I won't hunt any manatees, lets just check out the Jerk Fest.
Lendy: Ok that's fair, the Jerk Fest sounds way better than killing manatees so lets go to that.
Akiko: Daijobu, Jakufesuto wa sore ga arimasu!
Dylan: Remember folks, hunting vulnerable species like manatees is not cool.
* The Virginia Jerk Fest is a annual event held at the Virginia Beach Sportsplex where it features one of the largest Caribbean food and music festivals in the United States.
* Manatees actually have been sighted in Virginia Beach before: and
* The soccer shirts that both Lendy and Akiko have are FIFA World Cup shirts, with Lendy wearing the Greece shirt and Akiko wearing the Japan shirt.
* Matsu means wait in Japanese.
* Kaizoku Gai is the Japanese translation for Pirate Guy.
* Sate means Alright in Japanese.
* Like always, these characters I made for the Virginia Beach comics are created on