Thursday, July 13, 2017

Virginia Beach Comic Thirty Four: The Improv Boneheads

What's up, here is another Virginia Beach comic I made. In this comic, the comedy group, the Funny Boneheads are trying to rehearse for an improv performance at the Sandler Center, but one of the members doesn't show up so the other three members cancel the improv performance and go back to their regular stand-up comedy at the Funny Bone Comedy Club. Here is the dialog below:
(Comic begins at the Sandler Center for the Performing Arts)
Izz: Can we have a few more minutes? Because one of us hasn't gotten here yet.
Some Dude in a Grim Reaper Costume: Well I guess, You're just rehearsing anyway so take your time.
Lucy: Thank you kind grim reaper person.
Some Dude in a Grim Reaper Costume: No problem, and are you Lou's replacement?
Lucy: Oh no I'm actually am Lou, I just look different from how I did five years ago, and you can just call me by my real name Lucy.
Some Dude in a Grim Reaper Costume: Ah ok, sorry for the confusion Lucy.
Lucy: That's alright, confusions happen. Also is there a particular reason why you wear this grim reaper costume around town, and also who are you really anyway?
Some Dude in a Grim Reaper Costume: Yeah I can't tell you who I am or why I wear a grim reaper costume other than fighting crime at nighttime.
Lucy: Wait you fight crime?
Izz: Yeah right
Samual: Grim reapers can't even be superheroes!
Some Dude in a Grim Reaper Costume: Okay if none of you untalented hacks don't believe me, then i'll tell you this, your friend or co-star Malcolm Horvath was committing arson in a neighborhood last night, so I put a fire out with a death powered water gun and used my electric scythe to shock Malcolm, so now Malcolm is in police custody and will not be able to perform stand-up comedy for a while.
Izz: So Malcolm is in jail right now?
Some Dude in a Grim Reaper Costume: Yes, like I just said, he won't be performing stand-up comedy for a while, so are you going to rehears for tonight's show or not?
Izz: Heck no! We're cancelling this performance and we're going back to the Funny Bone Comedy Club to do our stand up's rather than doing some improv performance at a concert hall.
Some Dude in a Grim Reaper Costume: Good for you guys, going back to your crappy stand-up comedy so this comic can end.
* The Funny Boneheads first appeared in "Funny Bonehead's" back in 2012.
* Only three of the four Funny Boneheads appeared in this comic.
* The title of the comic was originally going to be "Netflix and Boneheads", but since Netflix wasn't mentioned in the comic, the title was changed to "The Improv Boneheads". Also "Netflix and Boneheads" is a reference to the term "Netflix and Chill".
* Lou's name changes to Lucy in this comic, as well as her appearance.
* Some Dude in a Grim Reaper Costume is apparently a superhero since he was the one who caught Malcolm burning some ones house down.
* Like always, these characters I made for the Virginia Beach comics are created on

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